Our Story


I am a mom with a Corporate job. During COVID, I was fortunate to work from home and be a “stand-in” teacher to my elementary school daughter. She struggled with paying attention during distance learning.   Her screen time was increasing and was negatively impacting her ability to learn.  I wanted to create something we could work on together and be proud of -- beyond the indoor garden and all of the cookies, cakes and other yummy snacks : ).  

One thing my daughter and I enjoyed before COVID was Mother/Daughter manicures. I would get the dipped powder manicure in pink and my daughter would choose a shade of pink polish to match. (Because pink is her favorite color, and she loves being like her mommy). The salons were closed, and I had to deal with growing out my dip powder manicure and getting to know my natural nails... that are now really damaged!!! 

That is how the idea of Pink Chawkulit was born. My daughter and I wanted to continue doing what we normally do but at home. My research about nail polish revealed a lot of “stuff” used in nail polish that I was not comfortable putting on my daughter’s nails. I felt it was important that nail polish was made in the USA. I quickly learned that being made in the U.S. does not mean that all ingredients are sourced from the USA. When I explained to my daughter what I was looking for she said "let's make our own nail polish".  So we did.  We set out on a mission to create a vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, nourishing nail polish (Argan Oil) made in the USA, formulated in the USA with all ingredients sourced from the USA. The only imports would be the glass bottles and our nail art tools.  Our polishes would be in the palette of pinks and browns after my daughter's favorite color (pink) and my favorite indulgence (chocolate aka Chawkulit). 

 Now here we are, with a product that we feel good about putting on both our fingers and toes. And get this, I finally wear more than one shade and paint my own nail art!  My favorite shade is "Pink Chawkulit," and my daughter's fav shade is "Piggy Bank"( she named it herself!). She helps with inventory, which builds her math skills, and she is so proud that we “started our own business together.” 

 Pink Chawkulit has a quality that is second to none. Each polish bottle is hand-crafted and individually infused with Argan oil to ensure consistency across the product line. Just one example of the detail, care, and quality that goes into Pink Chawkulit. 

Pink Chawkulit is the Polished Polish. It will be love at first swipe!